Painting, drawing, photography, print, graphic design, mixed media, ceramics, textiles, spray painting, murals and mixed media.

Dedicated to inspiring new methods, pushing limits, encouraging collaboration and helping you create professional artwork for sale.

Fill your portfolio and try new techniques. Learn from the old masters, mix it up for 2018 and beyond.

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  • Experiment with different drawing techniques, expressive mark making and gain confidence with composition.
  • Relax in a calm atmosphere perfect for drawing in detail.
  • Life drawing and still life train the eye to respond to natural forms.
  • Edit your images for print using photography and the computer to enhance your drawing.


  • Learn to make a canvas stretcher, stretch your canvas and prepare the surface ready for paint.
  • Learn how to mix and prepare oil paints, acrylic paints, aerosol cans and airbrush mediums.
  • See how photography and computer aided design can help you compose your painting.


  • Experiment with monograph to explore your expressive and delicate mark making instantly.
  • Linocutting and woodcutting will help you understand negative space and the importance of light and shade in graphic works.
  • Use our large format printer to create your final designs. 
  • New style monotype

Pottery & Ceramics 

  • Learn to throw pots taught by local professionals. 
  • Decorate tiles and create a mural or sign. 
  • Learn the steps needed to fire and glaze tableware and decorative pieces. 
  • See the process of choosing and extracting clay from the earth. 
  • Learn about the rich history of ceramics in Tuscany & Provence. 
  • Visit artists ateliers and pottery markets to choose inspirational pieces. 


  • Visit beautiful locations and take lots of photos 
  • Learn to edit raw images for your best results 
  • See how to best print and display your work 
  • Consider mixing photography with traditional media for exciting and unusual results 

Mixed Media 

  • Use your skills in drawing, painting, printmaking and photography to combine techniques and create interesting printed pieces which combine these traditional methods. 
  • Use the computer to create layers, collage and repeat pattern to enhance your designs.